Quality Care Pharmacy is not just Carlisle’s favorite hometown pharmacy it is also a compounding pharmacy. Our Pharmacy Manager Clem Boncal, RPh explains it well “Compounding is the process of preparing a medication from “scratch” to accommodate a patient’s specific, personalized needs.”

Do you have a difficult time taking large pills? Are you allergic to preservatives or dyes in medication? Do you have to persistently try to get your cat or dog to take a pill?

At Quality Care Pharmacy we are able to work together with customers to modify their medication for a better medicine experience. Our pharmacists can customize your medications to meet your unique needs. With a physician’s prescription, we can:

  • Change the form of your medicine.
  • Create a preparation that is preservative or dye free.
  • Adjust the dosage of medication.
  • Add flavor to make medicine more palatable.

Let our specialty pharmacy provide your customized medication solution!

Pet Pharmacy

In addition to being a compounding pharmacy, Quality Care Pharmacy is also a pet pharmacy, which means that we can customize medication for your pet. Bring your animal’s prescription to our pharmacy and we’ll work to create a solution to make both you and your pet’s lives easier. We can compound creams, eye drops and pills for any type of animal.

Visit Quality Care for your Compounding Pharmacy Needs

The safety of you and your pet is our first priority at Quality Care Pharmacy. Our compounding pharmacists are members of the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) and have completed extensive training course to learn the techniques and skills needed for prescription compounding. You can rest assure that your medication is safe in our hands.

Contact us today with your custom medication needs. Visit Quality Care’s compounding pharmacy in Carlisle, PA to learn how we can help you.